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At least the Rockets didn't trade for Shaq

I know I've been pleading for the Rockets to acquire a real, actual 7' tall or bigger center.  It hasn't happened yet, but there could be worse things in life I guess.

(David Andersen is not what I had in mind, but he looks to be a good acquisition once he learns that forearm shivers and hip checks don't really go unnoticed in the NBA.  But I digress...)

On that note, I would like to say I am very, very glad the Rockets never made any attempt to acquire Shaquille O'Neal.  At the very same time, am I the only person who is highly amused by the fact that the FatAss has "helped" the Cavaliers and King James to a sputtering 0-2 start?  Including a loss to the Raptors.  We all know it can't be LeBron's fault......... and I can't wait to see who Shaq tries to blame for this (because we know that it couldn't possibly Shaq's fault for getting in the way!)

I can't wait until the FatAss gets the Braylon Edwards treatment for messing with LeBron James' world.