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The preseason is here! The preseason is here!!!

The really, really long and surprisingly uneventful offseason (save for Yao news) is finally, thankfully OVER!  Basketball is BACK!  The Houston Texans have company in my game-watching world again.

Tonight the Rockets - at least what is left of them - travels to San Antonio to play the Spurs in the first pre-season game of the 2009-10 season.   And while the national media basically is going to ignore the Rockets all season long, I would be remiss in not mentioning that you can actually catch a glimpse of your favorite team tonight on FSN HOU. 

I am not sure if it will be in HD ... but given that it's pre-season and there is no Yao, Tracy or Crazy Pills -- maybe no HD is a good thing for now (?).

I have no idea what the starting lineup is going to be, but here's my guess:

PG:  Aaron Brooks

SG:  Jermaine Taylor (Battier has that injury and all...)

SF:  Trevor Ariza

PF:  Luis Scola (he's still a badass)

C:  David Andersen (?) - if only because I still can't picture Chuck Hayes here fulltime.

If there is a Tracy McGrady sighting on the court ... well, my head just might explode.  Anyway --
GO ROCKETS!!!  (It's good to be able to say that again)