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GameThread for Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz, Nov 2, 2009 8:00 PM CST

Game Thread for tonight. I should be around for the entire second half for sure. There will be a game preview every game from here on out if at all possible. Here's all you need to know though:

The Utah Jazz suck

Deron Williams is the second best PG in the league

Carlos Boozer doesn't even have the courtesy to stab a blind man in the front, he did that in his back

Interesting fact about Utah, in all seriousness, the women there are insane hot. Not as hot as Texas because there is less diversity, but if you like white women, then you have found your mecca

Ronnie Brewer is good

Kirilenko is still a cry baby

Mehmet Okur can still shoot, but still can't play defense. He also can't hold injured Yao's jock

Jerry Sloan is still on the watch list of potential Anti-Christs