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Game 4 Recap: 40% of Rockets Payroll Destroys Utah at Home 113-96

So Utah, how'd you like 40% of our payroll delivering a comprehensive ass-kicking on your home court? I thought it was spiffy. Really neato.

So, speak up if you thought the Houston Rockets scoring would go 87, 107, 111, and 113 in their first four games. Anyone? It is very early in the season, but we may have an answer to the question "Where will the scoring come from?" From everywhere. 8 players in double digits, and the Rockets simply blew past Utah in the 4th, due in a large part to the 44th pick in the 2009 draft - Chase Budinger who poured in 17 on 7 for 11 shooting, and looked smooth, efficient and confident doing it.

Speak up, also, if you think Rick Adelman is sleeping now. The old bear is awake, interested, and his team is kicking ass. There, it appears, is a reason he's a million games over .500. Certain of us need to say a little prayer tonight and ask forgiveness for all the nasty stuff they've said about Adelman over the years. JVG love should not equal Adelman hate. Let the hate go, live in the light of 29 assists on Utah.

The defense was excellent, and the players never lost their cool, no matter how many Jazz**** splattered themselves on the floor with no contact. Houston was so quick, so poised, so committed to help defense that Utah was unable to exploit their serious height advantage.

Utah seemed a bit lackadaisical, and appeared to want Houston to roll over and give them the game. Instead, it was Utah who rolled over when Houston applied some pressure on both ends of the court. Utah, with its full complement of players couldn't handle Houston's depth. Depth that does not include our two best players and 60% of our payroll. This result is yet another brick in the shrine we are building to Dork Elvis.

Ok, now that the basketball analysis part of the recap is out of the way I'm going to speak my mind a bit. The Utah Jazz are a repugnant team, and are inexplicably indulged by the NBA refs. I'm no longer interested in what their fans have to say - seeing them lustily boo blatant foul calls on the Jazz obviates any need to listen to them. Watching this game at times made Tim Donaghy seem quite credible.

I make no secret, I hate the current incarnation of the Lakers. I hate their privileged arrogance, and the sometimes shocking favoritism shown them by the NBA. I don't hate how they play basketball. I hate everything about the Utah Jazz. Everything but their ring-less status.

Dare I say it? Why not?

Bring on the Lakers!

Three Up + Bonus Ups

1. 29 Assists. So THIS is how Adelman's offense is supposed to look? I like what I'm seeing. We are averaging 105 per game through 4 games. 105!

2. 8 players scoring in double figures. 8!

3. Chuck Hayes' sweet left-handed hook.

4. The immediate need for a nickname for Chase Budinger. This is an excellent sign.

5. All those empty green seats courtside midway through the 4th. Nothing shows the depth of Utah's failure tonight more than that.

Three Down

1. Typical Utah flopping BS. Typical bogus whistles. Some things never change.

2. Deron Williams moves further into the darkside every year. We are witnessing a player who should be a delight to watch descend into whining, bitchy, unmanly Sloaness. This is a shame, and it will soon be too late for DWilly's salvation.

3. Chase Budinger's sprained ankle, and Trevor Ariza's dubious handle.

Enjoy the misery at SLC Dunk.