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Game Thread and Non-Preview

Here is your Rockets v Kings game thread.  We need this one, and hopefully we'll play to our recent pattern.

Sacramento is a young team with a lot of talent, and they shredded us on the boards last time, which proved the difference in the game.  They're playing much better than anyone expected, either their talent is meshing better, or they went out and hired an honest-to-God NBA coach.  

Big athletic PF/C types have been giving us trouble this season, so we'll see if we can't control the Kings version of that guy in Jason Thompson, who had a big night against us in Sacramento.  Tyreke Evans looks like the real deal, but also might be a bit banged up (it is evidently against his machismo to admit that).  Also, if  Beno Udrih plays against us like he did last time, I'll... I' something extreme.

Last night in Atlanta was a heartbreaker, but I believe the Rockets will come out with energy and a desire to wash the bad taste of last night's amazing near-comeback out, and commit REGICIDE.  DEATH TO THE KINGS!  Or at least, defeat to the Kings!

The cruel hand of monarchy at Sactown Royalty