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Turkey Day Recap of Game 15: Terry, Thomas key 130-99 annihilation of Rockets

Okay, this whole "Rocket-killer" thing is starting to get ridiculous.  Is Jason Terry that impossible to guard?

Terry's stat-line versus the Rockets this season: 17-19 FG, 5-5 3pt FG for 51 points.  And for kicks, he dished out ten assists last night, just to remind us how pathetic he thinks we are.

You'd think that Aaron Brooks or Kyle Lowry could keep The Jet from taking off at will.  Aren't we a decent defensive team?  Haven't we proven that a fast-paced team can still make routine stops at the other end of the floor.  Evidently not.

We didn't contest shots.  Our rotations were a step too late.  Dallas moved the ball like they were toying with us, and kept doing so until there was an open shot, which there always was.  Tim Thomas doesn't get 23 points on contested shots.  It takes some space for him to operate, and he got plenty of it.  It was just lazy, lazy defense.

It's Turkey Day, so this is going to be short.  Here's a few thoughts from last night's embarrassment:

  • In a single half, if you play poor defense, a team might put up 50 points on you.  If you play good defense, but the team manages to knock down just about everything within 30 feet, then they'll still put up 50 on you.  However, if you play bad defense and a team finds a collective hot hand... that's when you look up at the scoreboard and see a 68 spot beside your paltry scoring output.
  • Chase Budinger might need Dr. Howard Mierzwiak to wipe his memory of his first two encounters with the Mavs.  He's 1-14 from the field against them so far, and that's with plethora of missed WIDE-open shots.
  • Chuck Hayes went 1-8 from the field.  This should never, ever happen.
  • Our shot selection was putrid.  Mid-range jump shots in isolation aren't going to get us anywhere.  We couldn't get into the lane without turning the ball over (ahem, Kyle Lowry).  It was the least-aggressive I think I've ever seen us play.
  • Should Carl Landry start?  No.  Should Carl Landry be the frontrunner for 6th man of the year?  Yes.
  • Lastly, I think a point needs to be made about how inept our half court offense has become.  When the pace slows down, we begin to take uncomfortable shots and turn the ball over.  Now, of all the players on our roster, who do you think plays most effectively in the half-court?  Yup, Tracy McGrady.
And by the way, I don't normally leave games early, but in watching the Rockets stand around and let Dallas go to town on offense, I didn't think I'd be missing anything.  First game I've ever voluntarily left early.