Rockets-Lakers rant

Did I expect to win this game? No, but we had a very good chance to. I'd say a 45-55 chance, and hell I'd take that against the Lakers. If we lost by 10, no big deal. Losing by 1, in overtime, due to a turnover...kind of makes me want to kick a midget. Everybody played fantastic, with the exception of a bad shooting night by Ariza. We out rebounded them, bench outplayed them, shot a higher percentage, frustrated the Lakers(3 techs). But the turnovers late in the game are what cost us the game. I don't think the downfall of Trevor Ariza is his ball handling, I think it's the way he tries to win over the refs. In every game I've watched, he would slash into the lane hoping for a foul which sometimes causes a turnover or a bad shot. Still glad we took the champs to a very close game. Surprised by the rebounding numbers.

Also Derek Fisher- 0-5 shooting, 0 rebounds 0 assists 2 steals in 34 minutes. just thought that was interesting.

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