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Who is to blame for the loss to the Lakers? You may not like the answer.

The Lakers were an overwhelming favorite heading into Wednesday's game.  The Rockets, however, surprised and confused the defending champs by playing aggressively and not backing down to anything.  Not even with significant height disadvantages at every position. 

Yet in the end, it came down to Kobe Bryant simply being better than everyone else.  And he may have had an additional edge that none of the currently healthy Rockets had...

"What is that?" you may ask.  Well... it pains me to say, but we might have to lay a bit of blame on the namesake himself.  Yes, Hakeem Olajuwon spent part of the summer tutoring Kobe on sophisticated post moves and footwork.  Things which Kobe used to shred the Rockets' 4th Q defense on Wednesday.


It makes me happy that Kobe would seek out Hakeem's help.

But it makes me sad that these trade secrets would be used against Hakeem's hometown team.

Oh, I can't stay mad at you, Hakeem!  You rule.