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Tracy McGrady's family must be really, really bored

So, uh, the NBA released the first round of vote totals for the All-Star Game.

You have your usual suspects... including Tracy McGrady.  WHA?!?!?

Just to be clear, here are T-Mac's stats for 2009/10:

0 games played
0 games started (ask Allen Iverson, this one is important)
0.0 ppg
0.0 rpg
0.0 apg
1 times put on uniform

Look, I know there is a long history of players being voted into the All-Star Game who haven't even played that particular season.  Hell, Magic Johnson had HIV (past tense), and had already retired - yet he was voted into the game - and he even won the MVP award.  On multiple occasions, Yao Ming has been voted into the game when he was injured.  So, I'm not necessarily surprised that McGrady has received a few token votes this year.

But, come on, it's Tracy McGrady.  Are you seriously telling me there are fans/people that look at the ballot... see the names "Bryant, Kobe", "Paul, Chris", "Roy, Brandon", "Nash, Steve" and "Williams, Deron" at the guard position... and then somehow decide that McGrady deserves to receive their vote instead???  Really!?!?!?!

To make it even crazier, this might  have made more sense if Yao were once again the leading vote-getter at center.  But he's not even on the ballot.  Yet McGrady is?

The only conclusion I can draw?  T-Mac's family is very, very dedicated.