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Robert Horry may be gone (from the NBA) but not forgotten

With the close of December... we're beginning to see a lot of "best of the 2000s"/end of the decade sort of material.  Which is cool.  I like retrospectives.  It's an analog to top-10 lists -- which is always a writer's crutch for story ideas.

This time around though, it brings us back to the blog's secondary purpose... getting Robert Horry into the Hall of Fame!  And Robert Horry is going to be found everywhere in these best of the 2000s stories.  He won rings in five of the 10 years of the decade (no one else can say that.  Not even Steve Kerr this time!)

So, while Robert Horry is no longer an active player in the NBA... we'll have to settle for these reminders of his overall awesomeness.  And if is any indication, the last ten years of the NBA have been dominated by the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, the FatAss, LeBron James....... and Big Shot Rob.

See for yourself.
Here (signature moment of the decade) 
Here (best free agent signings) 
and here (top games of the decade).

Also of note... the Rockets' 22 game winning streak is listed as a memorable performance.  Hell yes it was!  An even more memorable performance?  Lee predicting it.  True story.