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Where Shaquille O'Neal welcomes Jason Kidd to my #&*$ list

I am sure I have made my dislike for the FatAss Shaquille O'Neal very clear over the past 3 years here. 

Just look at the guy.  He's a professional athlete who refuses to stay in shape.  When he was with the Lakers, he routinely delayed surgeries to coincide with the beginning of the regular season.  Near the end of his contract with L.A., he ran up the court in a pre-season game and yelled at Jerry Buss:  "Pay Me!" (even though he was still due $40M+ for another 2 years).  Not to mention the fact that he has taken every opportunity to burn every bridge with every teammate and organization he has been affiliated with.  That's not even to mention that he stole Steve Nash's reality TV show idea without even a "thank you".

In short, Shaq is an overgrown child, and I cannot understand why anyone would continue to be a "fan" of his.

Hey, FatAss, good news!  Now you have company!!  I'd like to welcome Jason Kidd to the shit list.  Why?

Simply put:  Jason Kidd is a dick.

For those of you that saw the Rockets game last night, you saw Kidd load up and launch himself head and shoulder first into David Andersen on an inbounds play.  Then he tried to start a fight afterwards when Anderson asked him "what's the deal, mate?"  Rule of Thumb, Mr. Kidd - don't start fights with Aussies.  Another suggestion - don't do stupid shit when there are about 20 cameras watching your every move.

[here's where I would put the YouTube clip of Jason Kidd earning what should be a 1 game suspension last night.  If I could find that YouTube clip.  Oh, hey, I found it - thanks to ClutchFans!]

Of course, Jason Kidd doesn't make this list simply for his display of douchebaggery last night.  No.  This has been building.  And yes, beating up Joumana with regularity is a huge factor.  As crazy as Joumana comes off when she makes public statements.... I kinda believe her.  Her ex-husband is a massive tool.  And no matter how great he can be with a basketball in his hands, that won't take him off The List.

FU, Jason Kidd.