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Things to pay attention to: Orlando vs. Houston

Some interesting tidbits to keep in mind when watching tonight's game at Orlando:

1. Despite boasting Dwight Howard, Orlando is not a very good offensive rebounding team - they're actually the fifth worst in the league.  However, the Magic lead the NBA in defensive rebounding rate, which sucks for us.  We like to grab the offensive rebounds and keep possessions alive; the Magic don't allow for that to happen often.  In other words, we're going to have to shoot really well.  This includes free throws, Trevor.

2. Let us pray that Orlando decides to constantly feed their Superman.  Sounds silly, but it would actually play in our favor.  Most teams don't like to shoot threes on the Rockets and assume they can bully their way into dominating the paint.  The Magic, on the other hand, shoot (and make) the most threes per game of anyone.  If Orlando were to get cocky and try to constantly attack the paint, unlike most teams, it would actually take them out of their game.  The less threes, the better.

3. This is Brian Cook's chance to unleash hell on the team that traded him to Houston last season.  Vengeance is a powerful force, unless you're stuck on the bench.

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