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Tracy McGrady: Not exactly a team player

Dear Tracy McGrady,

kindly go f--k yourself with a rusty chainsaw.

For those that aren't aware of the current situation, a quick recap: 

Last February, two days before the trading deadline when the Rockets were very much in discussions with other teams for trades (possibly including McGrady), T-Mac goes doctor shopping and then announces to STEPHEN A. SMITH that he's "done for the season" -- even though Daryl Morey, Les Alexander, Rick Adelman and none of his teammates were informed of this before before McGrady's public declaration.  So, McGrady undergoes season-ending knee surgery.  Mircrofracture.  He's nowhere to be found.  Not so coincidentally, the Rockets beat the Blazers in 6 games in May and then take the Lakers to a 7th game, sans McGrady.

Fast forward to a month ago.  The Rockets have had a surprisingly successful start to the season, and McGrady declares (without first clearing it with the Rockets, of course) that he's ready to play.  In a childish response to his employer disagreeing with this assessment of readiness, McGrady puts on his uniform before a game with the Timberwolves.  Even though he's inactive and Adelman and Morey had no intentions of playing him that night.  I guess this is McGrady's way of showing leadership?

Shortly thereafter, in a move the team probably didn't want to do to begin with... the Rockets finally let McGrady play.  But only in 7 minute bursts.  This is apparently a plan that McGrady is fully on-board with.  At first.  Until he decides (once again, without telling anyone else inside the organization) that he's again ready to play and that he wants more minutes.  Furthermore, he's tired of these "cameos".  So he complains to the media.  Again.

Cut to yesterday.

Tracy McGrady is informed by Rick Adelman that he will not be receiving any increased minutes or playing time.  This shouldn't be surprising because McGrady can barely get across halfcourt whenever the Rockets are on a fast break and McGrady isn't exactly a defensive stalwart at the other end.  Nevertheless, McGrady pouts and has an adult temper tantrum.  In the form of "I'm taking my ball and going home."  So McGrady -- being the ever-present team leader that he is -- leaves the team during a road trip.  He simply walks out.

Yet here's what McGrady said to the media when asked about his situation:

"I'm a player, man," McGrady told the Houston Chronicle. "I don't make these decisions. I just abide by whatever they bring to me. That's the plan. I'm not going to argue and fight with them -- just run with it. I felt it was time [to increase the routine of playing seven to eight first-half minutes].

"I'm not going to cause any confusion or confrontations. As a player, that's what I felt. They obviously feel different. That's what I have to roll with."

So.... uhhhhh.... leaving your teammates hanging out to dry while you whine and cry about playing time is "abiding by whatever they bring to you"?  Walking out of practice during a road trip to go home is "not going to cause any confusion or confrontations"?  I guess that's just how you roll, T-Mac.  Passive-aggressive as always.  And for those that want to say "but he had permission!  He was just going home for his son's birthday!!" -- please name me another player on the roster who (a) would ask for any such special treatment, and (b) would actually receive such permission from Daryl Morey and/or Rick Adelman.

Good riddance I say.  I was sick of the cameos, too.  If anything, McGrady was taking time away from Jermaine Taylor and Mike Harris (and potentially Von Wafer), and you don't hear those guys bitching about their playing time while they abide by their roles and wait for their chance to contribute to the team.

At this point, McGrady has truly morphed into "TracyMcGrady'sExpiringContract".  As a person, he's useless to the future of the franchise.  Daryl Morey simply needs to decide what is best for the organization in terms of the $23M invoice floating out there.  The only good news?  Next year that number is $0.