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Looks like we will have Coach Sleepy to kick around for a few more years

The Rockets are extending the contract for Rick Adelman.

Granted, I have never publicly shied away from my opinion that letting JVG go was a mistake.  I like Rick Adelman for his ability to juggle all sorts of personalities.  And his backhanded compliment of Tracy McGrady this past week ("he was a great player") was epic.  Plus, his family seems to be a bunch of fun-loving drunks.  

Also, it's hard to ignore the results Adelman has coaxed out of the team.  50 win seasons each of the past 2 years... a playoff series victory - something not even JVG did with us... and the team is without 60% of its salary cap in available talent and yet they are still on pace to win another 50 games this year.  I may argue with you about how much of a role Adelman directly has in all of this, but this is how professional sports work - when the team is winning, the coach must be doing somethingright.  Even if that something is (figuratively) falling asleep during critical points in the 4th Q while Brooks, Lowry, Scola, Landry and Battier figure out adjustments on the fly.

So, I say... congrats, Coach Sleepy.  And may the good times continue to roll in 2010.