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Thoughts on Rockets 89 - Trailblazers 90

First, my sympathies go out to Greg Oden, the Trailblazers and their fans.  I happened to change over briefly from the UT v Nebraska game, just in time to see Oden hurt his knee in a particularly grisly way.  In my preview I had made jokes about Oden/Odin and how he was starting to become a basketball god.

I feel a bit bad about that now, but it was well meant.   It looked like Oden had gotten his feet under him, and was starting to fulfill his potential.  Sadly that is not to be for another season at least.

In my preview I also said: "Unless a raven whispers something in our is not given for us to know what may transpire."  So I guess the moral is don't ever name-check Norse gods unless you want something weird, tragic and painful to happen.

Some people compare Oden to Yao, but I'd point out that Yao has played literally hundreds more pro basketball games.

The Rockets lost the game on yet another Brandon Roy last second miracle shot.  Does he do this to anyone else or just save it for the Rockets?  The Blazers, on the other hand, lost Greg Oden for the year.  I'd say the Blazer's loss was worse.  

Houston got beaten by one, on the road in one of the toughest places to play, by a team rallying around its superstar after a terrible event.  Let's not make a meal of this one.  I honestly think we win this one if Oden doesn't get hurt.

Andre Miller did what he can often do - fool you into thinking he's a great player.  He's not, but he saved Portland's bacon in the 3rd when the Rockets looked like running away with the game.

Brandon Roy apparently woke up and realized he's a top 3 SG, and edged Carl Landry in a duel for the 4th quarter and the game.  I'm curious as to whether or not Roy can do that on the road, away from the amazing Rose Garden crowd. 

It's a shame that such an amazing effort from Scola and Landry was wasted tonight.   Despite the terrible events in Portland, we need every win we can get, and this was a winnable game.

Well, a couple of nights off, then we meet LeBron and the Bronettes in Houston.


PS - What the hell was going on at the end of UT v Nebraska?  Anyone?  

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