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Interview with Jason Friedman of

Tonight I had the opportunity to talk over the phone with Jason Friedman of  We here at TDS are big fans of Jason's work.  It is honest, precise, open-minded, and most to our liking, free of an ego.  If you're looking for inside information on Tracy McGrady, fast-forward to the final four minutes and take what you want from it.  This wasn't supposed to be about Tracy, but rather about the current state of the team that is off to an impressive 11-9 start.  Good stuff from Jason as always, and much thanks again to him for taking the time to chat.

Below is the audio.  You can reach Jason on Twitter, and be sure to check out his work at

Jason Friedman Interview

(Note: Sorry about the background chatter.  It's not too noticeable, but sometimes it's tough to get things done in a fraternity house)