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Yes, LeBron is in town tonight... No, don't get used to it.

Richard Justice is at it again.  Instead of writing about something interesting (or writing about Vince Young for the 436,849th time)... he is taking the opportunity to "pitch" the city of Houston to LeBron James.  Who just happens to be in town tonight to take on the Rockets.

Hey, while you are at it Dickie, why not just ask for a raise... or for a $50M car... or for the Texans to trade Mario for VY (Oh, wait, bad example)?

For the last time, people - The Rockets have a 0.00000% chance of signing LeBron this summer.  It's not going to happen and making public pleas for the impossible reeks of desperation.  Not to mention a lack of ideas when it's your job to write about the Rockets.

I mean, how hard must it be to come up with interesting topics for tonight's game?

I know the mere mention of the name "LeBron" generates page views/hits, and it usually makes for good headlines.  But there are soooo many more interesting topics for tonight's game.  In fact, off the top of my head, here are 5:

1.  Chuck Hayes vs. the FatAss.  Will Shaq mistake Chuck for a donut and try to eat him?  We're talking about the biggest player in the NBA versus what may be the smallest starting center in the history of the league.  And the smaller player is better.

2.  If only Tracy McGrady were healthy, today would have been one of the three days all season he would play real, actual defense!  (He only plays hard on defense when facing LeBron or Kobe).

3.   What the hell is up with Mike Brown's glasses?  Did he get a special discount if he ordered frames that covered every shade in the spectrum of colors?

4.  Can Trevor Ariza and Shane Battier shut down LeBron the same way Shane and Crazy Pills did last year in Houston?  (sidenote:  I miss Von Wafer.  So much.)  The Rockets' beat-down of the Cavaliers last year was one of the best games I've ever watched.  Can a repeat be in the making?

5.  Without Yao Ming available, we miss out on what may be one of the final Yao/Shaq matchups.  And as much as I like the make fun of the FatAss, his games with Yao have always been epic. 

See, there's five topics that are far more interesting than the drivel Justice published this morning.  And I'm not even a journalist (nor do I want the title).  I'm sure Tom has even better suggestions for Dickie - considering that Tom is actually good at journalistic stuff. 

Oh, and...


update:  Looks like Feigen and I were on the same page!  Cool.