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It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Unless that person is T-Mac, and then it's just hilarious.

Now even li'l Dickie Justice is piling on T-Mac. Ouch.
(I hate agreeing with Justice on anything. Makes me feel icky.)

And this from King Solomon's column:

“For everybody that thought I was just playing with some (imaginary) knee injury, my (injury) is real,” a mildly upset McGrady said. “It’s big. It’s not just some pain. I have a real significant problem with my knee.”

Yes, the pain is real. Real enough for him to seek out second and third opinions until he finds an answer.

Hakeem once kinda sorta faked an injury, too. But for completely different reasons. I truly think McGrady's dunk attempt is what injured him. You know, the one where the underside of the rim told him to get his weak stuff outta there? Yeah, that one. Tracy's ego is now day-to-day.

From all accounts, every MRI post-surgery has shown that McGrady is fine... that's he's able to run and jump without re-injuring himself. And yet... we get nothing but him sulking.

Tracy -- this is a simple question: Are you hurt or are you injured? Because if you are hurt you can play. If you are truly injured... then sit out and not play until you are 100%!!!!

Then again, by this time next week, you may have talked yourself out of town. And based on the surprisingly inspired effort from your teammates last night, I'm starting to think they prefer it when you don't play. Then again... who the hell knows what's going on up in Tracy's head. He is an enigma.