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Tracy McGrady will have season ending microfracture surgery

Tracy McGrady will have surgery on his injured knee on Tuesday.  This was announced by the team as his meeting with Dr. Cole in Chicago confirmed the diagnosis. 

As much as we have been down on his play this year, no one from The Dream Shake wants him to do anything but get healthy.  We wish him luck and hope to see him playing basketball again as soon as possible. 

Here's my one piece of advice to Mr. McGrady:  If you want this, to be a basketball player again, it will take every bit of hard work you have in you.  I hope that you realize this and will come back with all of your effort.  If not, the surgery should still help you grow cartilage and will make your life easier as you get older, so no harm done.  Good luck to you sir, in the end, you will always be thought of fondly.

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