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More reasons for us to pile on Tracy McGrady

Another McGrady-themed column on today.

Here's the money quote though:

"I haven't been the guy who's been fortunate enough to play with Shaq, to play with Tim Duncan. I always seem to have average teams,''

Not to put too fine a point on it, but F-U, Tracy!

Hey, assclown -- you know that really tall guy on your team?  Yeah, the 7'6" guy from China.  He's like really, really good and stuff.  He's been on your team for FOUR-plus years and he's not holding you back.  More likely, you've been the guy holding HIM back. 

I think you're just bitter that the team is winning without you.

*oh, and someone please kindly tell Ian Thomsen that the Rockets had home-court advantage against Utah in each of the last TWO seasons.  Not just last year.

edit:  Looks like Thomsen got my e-mail and fixed his error about T-Mac only having home-court once...