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Why don't you do something about it, Sleepy?

It's no secret that the Rockets' locker room isn't filled with hearts and flowers these days.  Not even with Valentine's Day coming up.  Though I'd give anything to see Ron Artest buy one of those Hannah Montana talking/singing cards for Tracy McGrady... while also making that commercial go far, far away.

In the middle of all of this supposed "turmoil" of talking and pointing fingers, there is Rick Adelman.  Who has his eye on all of it.  But what is Coach Sleepy doing about it?  Nothing.  At least he's consistent in his approach to things.


Okay, so he's not doing nothing exactly... he is talking to Jonathan Feigen about it.  So, that's something, right?

"I see things," Adelman said.

Dead people, Rick.  They are dead people.  And those are just dreams.

"I’ve been doing this a long time. There’s not too much that slides past me: body language, comments, whatever. Once you’ve seen it over and over and over again, you get a pretty good sense right off the bat. "

You know what's funny?  I notice body language, too!  And examples like this show me that you aren't too involved with what's going on...


Yes, based on my expert ability to read body language, it appears from your reaction that Rafer just chucked another 3 while early in the shot clock.  And you aren't doing anything about it.  Am I wrong?

Another example... where you introduce Tracy and Rafer to Von Wafer and Brent Barry.  And subsequently point out the guys that should be shooting most of our 3 point attempts:


(T-Mac doesn't look all that enthused about this news though...)

So, Ricky, do you have any actual solutions to the disharmony in the locker room... or are you just going to point out that you see things?


Oh, that's what I thought.  Yeah, the 2009 Rockets are a definitely a head-scratcher.

Wake up, Coach Sleepy!!! 

(here's hoping you notice this comment!)