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How I will one day die of a heart attack, courtesy of the Houston Rockets

I always thought I would be struck down by an aneurysm (it runs in the family... all men seem to kick it - or be severely weakened by - an aneurysm in their mid 50s.  Sucks.*)  If not for an aneurysm, I always thought I would be assassinated as an important political figure.  Hey, it could still happen!

Nevertheless, after last night... I may have been shortsighted in how I go out.  For if I have to watch another game like last night, the odds of me having a fatal heart attack in my mid 30s will increase greatly.

Make your free throws, assholes!!!!

Also, when you get a 19 point lead on the road, step on their freakin' throat!! 

You simply do not let the opposition back in the game with dumb fouls (phantom or not) and the aforementioned bad free throw shooting.  It's bad for business.  And even worse on my health.  Last year's Detroit game, when we made something like 6-for-22 from the line... yeah, that took one year of my life away.  Easily.  Last night was probably another year or so off my expected lifetime.

I guess I should be happy we at least won the game, huh?

* please note that me dying by an aneurysm would somehow seem appropriate given that it's the name of a Nirvana song...