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Power Dancer of the Week - Ginger

Back by popular demand...



The suspense builds...jump.


Think back to your high school days.  Imagine if one of your teachers looked like this:


or this...


For a few privileged teenage guys out there, our dream is their reality.  Ginger is a high school dance teacher, much to the delight of the single, male chemistry teacher that she sits next to at lunch.  She has spent two years on the Power Dancers, as well as three years on the Texans cheerleader squad. 

Whadaya know - her favorite movie is "The Notebook."  You can't go wrong with watching "The Notebook" with your girlfriend to end a date.  Just make sure to mace yourself before viewing.

She likes "The Office", and I like "The Office"; nice.  Her favorite dance routine is...woah.  I kind of like Ginger.  Her favorite dance routine is "Enter Sandman."  I'm taking her to a Virginia Tech football game ASAP.  That will certainly win her heart forever.

Her most embarrassing moment was when she was cheering in college and got knocked to the floor by a bunch of basketball players.  Oh well.  I think we can forgive her:


Yup, she's on the left.  I love spring break.