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Some thoughts on the Carl Landry shooting

By now I am sure everyone saw the news report that sometime around 4:20am 2:30am (cops notified at 4am) this morning, Carl Landry was shot in the leg following a drive-by after a minor car accident.  He was driving just east of downtown on Leeland. 

The report says he was on the 3100 block of Leeland.  As you can see... this isn't far from the Toyota Center.

We also know that the Rockets' team charter flight arrived at Hobby airport a little bit after midnight.  So, it is likely that Carl and his teammates went back to the Toyota Center, maybe even had some treatment done (Landry took a series of hard falls in the game against the Hornets - probably had a trainer look at him), and then Landry got his car and drove home.

It is unfortunate that people are already speculating about "why was he out so late?" and "why was he in that part of town??"  Yeah, I know - Chris Rock once reminded us that nothing good happens after 2am... I get it.  But even worse... the "this stuff only seems to happen to basketball players and rappers" contingent has already come out of the woodwork.  Most of them have no idea who Carl Landry is, but they love their stereotypes and the opportunity to pontificate after events like this.  I find this to be a tragic and unfortunate reflection of society's attitudes.

(Of course -- most people, including me, do not have any idea of the actual facts of what took place this morning.  A friend informed me that Landry possibly even owns property on the 2900 block of Leeland.  Are we so quick to rush to judgment that something nefarious was afoot that a simple "he was just on his way home from work" reasoning is unacceptable?)

update:  It appears that the shooting happened not too far from Carl's house.  His neighbors heard the shooting and... well... read for yourself.

All the while, we should be very thankful today.  Carl Landry is a lucky man.  To have two shots taken at you from relatively point-blank range and to escape with merely a flesh would to the leg?  That's a freakin' miracle, people. 

The Sean Taylor incident was a little more than a year ago... Landry could have been an unfortunate statistic.  We are very lucky to avoid that kind of news today.

Get well and rest up, Carl Landry.  I have no doubt you'll once again be kicking ass on the court in 1-2 weeks.