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Game Preview: Houston Rockets vs. Detroit Pistons - Game 70 - March 18, 2009 - 8:30PM CST


I can barely stay awake still, so we'll skip the match-ups one by one I usually do.  I'm completely guessing as to the starting line-up for the Pistons.  That's close to what they used last night, but with Rip Hamilton added back in since what I've been reading is that he will probably go.  The Chronicle is reporting that Yao will play as well.  That's good news for the Rockets, and bad news for the Pistons. 

Stuckey vs. Brooks/Lowry will be interesting.  He's a big dude, let's see how they deal with him.  I'm thinking their speed will offset his height a bit. 

Maxiell vs. Scola is the other match-up I'm looking forward to seeing.  They both play hard and with energy, so should be fun to watch.

Houston Rockets
OUT - Carl Landry, for obvious reasons
Detroit Pistons
OUT - Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson are likely out for tonight's game.  Richard Hamilton is stil a game time decision from everything I've seen.

My Prediction:  They won for me in New Orleans without Yao, so why not so that I don't have to have a crappy surgery recovery?