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Maybe I should have bet on the Rockets in Vegas?!?

So I left for Vegas last Wednesday...

this time last year the Rockets were having a post-Streak letdown. This year? How about a series of tough, but important, victories over New Orleans, Detroit and San Antonio. Sorry, Minnesota - but the Rockets were expected to beat you.

*** Note: Vegas had the Rockets as 11 point favorites against Minnesota. Everyone in my group wanted to bet on the Rockets but were scared by the Rockets' typical inability to blow anyone out. Whoops.

Then the good guys somehow find a way to dispatch of the Spurs on Sunday??

In a word: awesome.

Though, as I've been saying for over a year now... Luis Scola is a badass!

... and for once, it is no longer the Rockets looking up at the Spurs in the standings. Yes, that's right. Your Houston Rockets are in FIRST PLACE in the Southwest Division. Suck it, San Antonio!

Really - it's true. First place!!

Southwest Standings

Houston 47 25 .652 0 Won 4
San Antonio 45 24 .652 0.5 Lost 2
New Orleans 44 25 .637 1.5 Won 3
Dallas 42 28 .600 4 Won 1
Memphis 17 52 .246 28.5 Lost 4

(updated 3.23.2009 at 9:43 AM CDT)

Even better? If the playoffs started today... the Rockets would be hosting the Utah Jazz. That's right. Third time is a charm. Bring it on, Utah!