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Mini-Recap of Rockets 93-83 win over Memphis, along with a look at our insane schedule

I forgot to recap the Suns game.  It slipped my mind.  Thankfully, this is a blog and not a newspaper, so I hope that I won't be getting fired.  Then again, if I was writing for a newspaper, chances are, I probably wouldn't have a job anyway.  Times are tough indeed.

I'm going to be lazy and do a mini-recap of tonight's game versus Memphis.  Send all complains to


Three Up:

Yao Ming --24/17/3.  That "3" is blocked shots, not assists.  I point this out because Yao had 6 assists in each of his previous two games.

Kyle Lowry -- 8 points, 9 assists in 28 minutes of playing time against his former team.

Luis Scola -- 18/14 for the Argentinian Slayer.

Three Down:

Brian Cook -- Oh Lord.  I shouldn't do this to him, but...

4:26 - Brian Cook enters the game

3:50 - Shooting foul on Cook.  Gasol shot good.  Gasol makes free throw for three-point play

3:32 - Brian Cook misses layup

3:06 - Marc Gasol blocks Brian Cook's layup

2:24 - Shooting foul on Cook.  Gasol shot good.  Gasol makes free throw for three-point play

2:05 - Brian Cook misses 26-foot three point jumper

1:35 - Brian Cook misses 7-foot jumper


Brent Barry -- Our sharpshooter off the bench took only one shot in 10 minutes.

Battier's March -- He's 1 for 16 on three pointers in the month of March, and he went 0-4 tonight.

Stats of the Night:

Field Goal %: Rockets .474 - Grizzlies .381

Three Point %: Rockets .250 - Grizzlies .429

Assists: Rockets 23 - Grizzlies 16

Rebounds: Rockets 50 - Grizzlies 36

Turnovers: Rockets 16 - Grizzlies 9

Von Wafer: 4-13.  He's only shooting 38% from the field since the All-Star break.

Luis Scola "Phantom Call" of the Night:

Phantom_medium  Tonight's Phantom Call came in the third quarter.  I looked down while it happened, so I missed it, but from what I heard, he was pushed going up for a rebound, and he and his opponent got tangled up.  Everyone in the stands waited for a whistle to be blown in Scola's favor.  Instead, he was called for the foul. 

Phantom Call: Push.

Next Game: Tomorrow night at Denver.  Get Yao an oxygen mask.


Ok.  That's the recap.  But we have more pressing matters to get to here.  Like our ridiculous upcoming schedule:

@ Denver Monday, March 09 2009 8:00 PM CDT coverage
Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday, March 11 2009 7:30 PM CDT coverage
@ Charlotte Friday, March 13 2009 6:00 PM CDT coverage
San Antonio Saturday, March 14 2009 7:30 PM CDT coverage
@ New Orleans Monday, March 16 2009 7:00 PM CDT coverage
Detroit Wednesday, March 18 2009 8:30 PM CDT coverage
Minnesota Friday, March 20 2009 7:30 PM CDT coverage
@ San Antonio Sunday, March 22 2009 2:30 PM CDT coverage
@ Utah Tuesday, March 24 2009 9:30 PM CDT coverage

And that's only the rest of March (I left off the Clippers).  Outside of the Minnesota game, it's a guantlet.  I may touch on this more later, but I think if we could have a few goals in terms of coming out of this, it would be:

  • Beat Utah on the road for bragging rights' sake.  Or simply because we really really dislike them.
  • Win 3 of the 5 road games.  @ Charlotte, @ New Orleans, and either @ San Antonio or @ Utah should be definitely possible.  I throw Denver out of those because it will be tough having another altitude-changing back-to-back to deal with.
  • We cannot overlook Detroit.  I don't care how bad they've been lately.  If we get a big win against New Orleans, we can't relax against Detroit.  They can go off at any point in time.
  • Beat L.A.  We came so close last time.  I think it's a definite possibility.

Optimist's Prediction: 7-2.  We lose @ San Antonio and at home to the Lakers.

Pessimist's Prediction: "0-9. Carl Landry's knee breaks.  Yao gets kneed in the crotch by Utah's mascot, and then again by Matt Harpring.  Aaron shoots 20 shots per game.  Von gets hung on five straight dunk attempts.  Shane refuses to leave Minnesota.  The Kracken takes Rawn out for some fun in Denver.  And I die in my sleep.  FML."  - Posted by Ricky A.

Ok, really, that wasn't even funny...Pessimist's Prediction: 4-5.  Wins against Charlotte, Minny, SA, and NO.

Realistic Prediction: 6-3.  And I would be ecstatic with 6-3.