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Once again, thank you, Memphis!

Dear owners, officials and anyone affiliated with the basketball team currently (temporarily) residing in the great city of Memphis, Tennessee --

We again write to thank you for your generosity and consideration in giving away two of your prior assets that have now become invaluable to our organization.  While they may not have met their intended purpose or usefulness within your organization, please take comfort in knowing that they now are important contributors to the city of Houston, Texas.

Yes, we realize that these men have a tendency to fall down on the job and they often frustrate contemporaries that choose to not wear the same uniform as they do. 


Nevertheless, these are the kind of traits that endear Mr. Lowry to us.  And also Mr. Battier, who just seems to be everywhere at times.  Always under-foot...


Again, thank you.


anyone who is a fan of the Houston Rockets