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It's April... time for the Rockets to revert to bad habits. Oh, no.

Well, that was not fun.

I knew we were in trouble when Brent Barry missed the layup that would have pushed the lead to 9.  Next thing you know, the Suns are on a 15-0 run and are up by 8 before Sleepy does anything about it.  Good coaching there.

I guess the guys did not get my memo about putting teams away and not letting it be a close game.  The Suns were *thisclose* to just giving up early in the 4th.  Alas, that would have made it too easy.  We can't have that.

The scary part?

This is the trademark of recent Rockets' history.  In this millennium, once the calendar turns to April, the Rockets have played uninspiring basketball.  Blowing leads, missing free throws, playing lackadaisical defense (and resorting to a stagnant offense)... the very formula for losing in the first round.

With tonight's sleepwalking effort, the Rockets may fall a couple spots in the Western Conference playoff race.  So much for taking advantage of San Antonio losing to the Durants.  Son of a bitch!!!

Tonight's game was the worst April Fool's Joke ever