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LeBron James is a terrible friend

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After seeing LeBron's commercial for the 1,000th time last night... you know, the State Farm insurance one where his buddy's car gets broken into...

I finally realized last night why this commercial bothered me so much.

It's because LeBron James is a terrible, terrible friend!

Seriously... think about it.

1.  His friend's car (a very nice car) gets broken into.
2.  Instead of saying "aww, man, that sucks..." LeBron laughs at him!
3.  When his friend bemoans that "they got everything"... LeBron ignores this and sees an opportunity to poke fun at his friend and harass him about his music tastes.  In this particular instance, the artist at issue is Kid 'n Play.

LeBron totally broke the bro code here.

Furthermore, only after his friend has a break-in and realizes his lack of insurance coverage does LeBron inform his friend about his connections with State Farm.  That's cold.  A good friend would have hooked him up long before an incident like this.

And to top it off, while his friend is crying and trying to sort things out... LeBron starts dancing.  And making goofy faces.

Yo, LeBron -- that's a d--k move.  You owe your friend breakfast.