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The return of Sleepy the Dwarf

Rockets have a 14 point lead... but start to sputter.

Mavs start cutting into the lead.  But no worries, Adelman will call a timeout, get Lowry into the game and draw up a play for Yao.  Right?  Right?

Uh oh.  He's back.


Wake the f--k up, Ricky!

So the Mavericks take a late 4th Q lead... Rockets sputtering again.  Ricky calls a timeout and gets the ball into Yao's hands, right?  Nope.  Yao doesn't touch the ball, Jason Terry comes right back down and drains another jumpshot.  Battier has yet to guard Terry this quarter.  A known Rocket-killer. 

Again, wake the f--k up, Ricky!

And now you are going to make me root for Denver?  Ugh.

You have hereby eliminated yourself as a candidate for Coach of the Year.