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A Welcome to Blazers fans and specifically to Blazers Edge from The Dream Shake

Hey everyone, just want to say hello to the Blazer's fans out there and tell you that you are welcome here.  Just a few ground rules and statements about this site:

1.  We don't really have ground rules.  Dave, Tom and I run the site, we have a good group of people that post here.  We have probably deleted a total of 5 posts since we came to SBNation.  I hope that number doesn't go up.  We also all love Blazer's Edge, it's a fantastic site where we go to read about a great up and coming team.  It's not necessarily what we aspire to be, only because we simply don't have the time to make this site into it.  But if we stumble upon it, we'd all be happy about it.

2.  Cussing is allowed here.  Cussing AT someone is not.  That said, I'm all for joking around, just don't cross the line (that goes for Rockets fans too).  Where is the line you ask?  It's where I make it. 

3.  In general you will find that Rockets fans are pretty respectful of the Trailblazers and their fans.  That doesn't mean all Rockets fans are, as I'm sure all Portland fans aren't model citizens either.  If you have a problem with something or someone, feel free to email me, my email is at the bottom of the site.

4.  Oddly I think the Rockets will win this series, but that the Trailblazers would have a better shot of beating the Lakers, funny how matchups work.

5.  This will be a hard fought series.  One that will likely go 6-7 games.  The teams are evenly matched.  Anyone that says "Rockets suck" or "Trailblazers suck" is an idiot.  I won't argue that.  I'll just call you an idiot.  As Rockets fans we think, and I beleive I can speak for a majority of us, that the Rockets match up very well with Portland.  And with that being the case, you may see people saying that the Rockets should win this series.  Please don't take it personally.  It's professional basketball where players make millions of dollars to throw a ball through a hoop, and in some cases, say Chuck Hayes for example, to simply run up and down a court and to chase the ball and stop others from doing that.

6.  I freaking love the play-offs, one of our teams is going to get over an epic hump this year, and then promptly get smacked around by the Lakers.  Let's enjoy this series. 

7.  I mean this with the utmost respect for your team and fans: I hope the Rockets kick the crap out of the Blazers.  I hope you never want to come back here because the Rockets put that bad of a taste in your mouth.  I hope you do come back anyway next year.