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One reason the Rockets will win in 6: The law of averages

Everyone knows the Rockets have not won a playoff series since the Hakeem era.  Everyone also knows that this includes seven (7) straight first-round flame-outs.  Much of that with Yao Ming on the team, and a healthy amount of that with Tracy McGrady on the team.

That said, the Rockets are going to win this series in 6 games.  Why?


You see, Brandon Roy is good.  Really good.  But it took a miracle freakin' shot to keep the Rockets from sweeping the Blazers in the regular season.  As it stands, the Rockets still beat Portland 2-1 in the season series.

So, yes, the law of averages is in the Rockets' favor in numerous categories.

Sorry Blazer fans.

And thankfully, no more of this for the Rockets.  Ever again.

Go Rockets!