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Short Recap: Blazers successfully play the role of "Glass Joe" in Game 1

In my attempt to keep it simple, here's your recap:


When you get hit by the Rockets... you go down.

Tonight's game was certainlly fun to watch!  And they say blowouts are boring... those people would be wrong!

Yao Ming:  perfect (9-9, 6-6)
Luis Scola:  completely took LMA out of the game.
Ron Artest:  hustle, defense and points.  Brilliant game by Crazy Pills.
ABZ:  27 points in his first playoff game as a starter.
Dikembe:  I think he got every single available rebound when he was in the game.  Add in a couple finger wags and it was a good day for Deke.
Rick Adelman:  Sleepy actually called some plays in the huddle!  Good things happen when your coach actually coaches!

... and we didn't even really need the services of Von Wafer, Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry or Brent Barry (though Barry did have a dunk.  That was awesome.)

Great win, Rockets.  Keep up the defensive effort on Tuesday and you'll come back home with a 2-0 lead!