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Rockets Fans - A Public Service Announcement about the NBA and your team

The NBA has set parameters on when the end of the game is.  It is when the clock strikes 0.00 and one team has more points than the other.  That's just an FYI to all you half assed fans that left the game when Aaron Brooks was shooting his first free throws.

Seriously, I was calling people out for it, and then the guy in front of us and his spectacularly racked wife left anyway.  Are y'all kidding?  You paid $75 to miss the end of the game just to save 10 minutes on traffic?  Really? 

Someone explain it to me, why on earth would you ever leave a playoff game, that you are winning, early?  Why wouldn't you see it to the end? I somewhat get people with kids leaving early, but heck, you were already there past 11PM, why not be there another 15 minutes? 

Houston, I'm calling you out.  The stadium was great last night, it was loud, it was fun and there was a home court advantage.  But you aren't a real fan if you left early; it's as simple as that.  (Fatal injuries to you or a family member are the only excuses I'm taking).

And while we are at it.  WEAR RED or at least some Rockets gear to the game.  I don't care if you are an adult and think you are above it, wear freaking red to the games.  You don't even have to scream and yell for me, just wear red.  It's really not tough.