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The Utah Jazz: Another ringless year. Haha!

It is a good day to be a Houston Rockets fan.

Our team is leading their series 3 games to 1 (though by NO means is this series over... Game 5 is going to be an absolute slugfest).

Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz do what they do every year... and that is to lose and be eliminated without winning anything of importance.  Haha, you suck Utah!


Though, for once, Jerry Sloan and I agree on something.  We both hate Steve Javie.  It's the little things.  Nevertheless, our favorite curmudgeon and wholly out-of-touch coach was ejected tonight for dropping an F-bomb on Mr. Javie.  The one guy with a shorter fuse than Sloan.  As the Guinness guys would say.... brilliant!

.... and now your season is over.  Cue Kenny Smith: