Rick needs to wake up, and crack the whip!

I knew this for some time, but even my optimistic blinders, can not deny this after last night's game.  Rick Adelman's offense is predicated on someone smart and mature to run it, and Brooks is not the one to run his offense.

If we lose this series, it would be because we did not have a legitimate rirst rate point guard.  I think Rick should put Brooks on a tight leash, i.e., a very tight leash.  If we deviates from the offensive plan for more than two possessions, he should take him out.  Lowry, not withstanding last nights play, is a better PG for this team, and I think, even Barry would be a better option to fill in 10-15 minutes at the PG position, and his basketball IQ is higher.  He will not penetrate like Brooks, but I think he will read what Portland is trying to do better than Brooks, and ensure that the right people get their shots.  He will play better Defense, and on the floor with Battier, he can keep the rockets under control.



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