No more of this 4th Quarter Collapse BS..Time for Houston to MAN UP

I am so sick and tired of the Houston Rockets struggling to finish games..and playoff series for that matter...their lack of a fire and willingness to close out opponents has got to end, and it must end tonight.

In 2005 Houston took a 2-0 lead over Dallas and ended up losing the series in 7 games. One of those games, IN HOUSTON, saw Dallas go on a 20-0 run in a 4th Quarter Collapse for the Rockets

In 2007 the Rockets took a 2-0 lead against the Utah Jazz, only to lose the series in 7 games. Game 7 saw the Rockets have a 4th Quarter Collapse at the Toyota Center

In 2009 the Rockets led the Chicago Bulls by 17 points, then allowed Chicago to go on a 23-3 run in the final 6 minutes in a 4th Quarter Collapse by the Rockets. Bulls win.

In 2009 the Rockets led 3-1 against the Portland Trailblazers and promptly lost Game 5 in a 4th Quarter Collapse to allow Portland to force a game 6.

These are the biggest ones, and they don't even begin to sum up the number of games this season that the Rockets have squandered away because they let up on their opponent in the 4th quarter.

Coach Sleepy, this game tonight is on YOU. Rockets fans are SICK AND TIRED of these mental lapses from the coaches and the players. The Rockets did a great job in Games 3 and 4 of not allowing themselves to collapse enough to lose, but tonight they need to STEP ON THE BLAZERS' THROATS and TAKE this series. (No offense Portland, we love ya anyway) Portland is not going to give this series to us. We have to forcefully take it. And if we don't play with fire and intensity tonight, Portland wins this series in 7 games. Book it.

ROCKETS IN 6 GAMES. This madness ends tonight. If not, trade for a true closer, say perhaps Chris Paul. It's time for the Rockets to grows some testicles or be traded in my opinion. And I think that goes for Adelman too. Win or get a new coach who knows how to win and who doesn't fall asleep at crunch time. We don't need/want a narcoleptic coach on this Rockets team. No more 75,000-0 runs against the Rockets.

Go Rockets. I'm super fired up for this one. Go for the jugular.

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