No more Manu

What great timing. Manu Ginobili is out for the rest of the season and the playoffs.

What exactly does this mean? Well, considering we're only a half game back of the Spurs in the division race, it's huge news. Manu is often the man San Antonio relies on in the last minutes of the game (as well as a huge flopper) and they have looked lost at times without him this season. His loss could mean the difference between winning the division and placing second.

And don't forget about the playoffs. In the last meeting between the two teams, the Spurs were without Manu. No surprise, they lost. Why? They were without their main slasher and shot creator in the final minutes of the game. Having to play the Rockets (or any other team in the West) without Manu in a 7 game series is treading on dangerous water.

Of course, it is the Spurs we're talkinga bout. They probably will just find a way to move on. Regardless, this is great news.

[BBN Note: Before Spurs fans freak out, the phrase "great news" doesn't apply to the actual injury.  We're all just glad that the Rockets may benefit from this.  Even if we don't like Manu very much.]

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