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Playoff Perspective: Utah Jazz

"Playoff Perspective" provides a look at the Rockets' possible playoff opponents from the opposing blogger's point of view.  Each team, from Dallas to LA (as the chances of us playing Phoenix aren't very probable), will be represented.  On today's edition, Basketball John of the SBN blog SLC Dunk gives us his take on a Rockets-Jazz first round match up, albeit unlikely.  But seriously, if this happened again, I'd be annoyed.  Can't we just dominate someone else instead?  

What advantages do you think the Jazz would have over the Rockets in a
playoff series?

A big advantage right now would be mental.  They've beaten the Rockets in the first round the past two years and seem to be one of the teams that give the Rockets fits.  It's all about match-ups in the NBA and the Jazz match up well with the Rockets.   Boozer and Mehmet Okur cause fits and Deron Williams causes match-ups problems for most point guards.


T-Mac being out for the season.  Seriously.  If we were down late in a game, you could always count on McGrady jacking up 5 consecutive three pointers in the last 5 minutes instead of driving and getting to the line or the dunk.  Good times.  And the Rockets will have home-court, again.

Would home court advantage affect your chances greatly, marginally, or not
at all?

We need home-court advantage like Calista Flockhart needs a sandwich.

Compared to the other possible match ups, how confident would you be in your
team if they faced the Rockets in the first round?

Given the double-OT game earlier this year at Houston (stupid free-throws.  Fesenko should have faked an injury) and our success @ Houston in the last two playoff series, it gives me a glimmer of hope that we might be able to steal one on the road.  The only other teams I want to face in the playoffs would be New Orleans and Denver.