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Round 1 NBA Playoffs - Thank you and good luck to Trail Blazers fans

It's not often that opposing fans are able to come to another team's blog/stadium etc and actually have a good time.  Yes, there were a few trolls, as I'm sure some of ours were seen on your sites, but for 98% of the fans I say thank you.  It was a great series and you have a bright future and a rabid fanbase to take your team even higher.  Your season may be over, but this is just the beginning. 

I'd like to leave the fans from Blazer's Edge with a video:



That video is 10 minutes long, so I'll save you a bit of time.  The Rockets lost that game, on their opponents home court.  It was a team they didn't match up well with in the Sonics, but that game meant more to the next two years than anyone could imagine at the time.  Hakeem Olajuwon was heard saying "We go from here" after that.  The loss to the Sonics propelled the Rockets to be even more of a team, to gel with the young players and to ulitmately win two championships in a row. 

So take heart, tough losses often lead somewhere, and I think we all know what kind of potential the Portland Trail Blazers have. 

And because this was a bit mushy (though I really do appreciate y'all): HaHa, we won in 6, told you! ;-)

Wait, I just realized that means that Lakers fans are going to be here.  Uh oh...  Wait, don't leave so soon Portland, please?