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A Welcome to Lakers fans from The Dream Shake

Hmmm, I've been thinking about this and don't really know how to go about it.  I know a lot of Lakers fans, everyone does.  You guys and gals love your team, that is for sure.  Now, you may not be from LA, or have ever even been to California, but that's what happens when a team has been this successful over all these years. 

Like it or not Houston fans, Los Angeles fans have a reason to be cocky. 
14 chamionships
29 conference titles
30 division titles
Wilt Chamberlin, Gail Goodrich, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kobe Bryant   Heck, freaking Chick Hearn

So, with that background, I have a lot of repect for their organization.  They just about always make the right moves.  And yes, letting Shaq go instead of Kobe was clearly the right move.  It helps that they are in a beautiful state and have Hollywood. 

On to the good stuff, a few rules for Lakers fans AND for DreamShakers:

1.  In my experience Lakers fans that have come in droves to my blog and to Clutchfans have been trolls that don't know anything about basketball other than their team is good.  My experience with Lakers fans in person is that they know a plethora of basketball information and are good people and good fans. 

2.  Dave, Tom and I will control the trolling.  We appreciate the help, but in this particular instance, just flag the post if you have a problem with it.  No reason to feed trolls.  That goes for Lakers fans too if they think things are getting out of hand on our end.  There is a pretty long leash here as we like spirited back and forths, sometimes even if they are stupid.  But don't push it, the imaginary line is pretty obvious.

3.  Anyone that asks who "Hakeem Olajuwon is" is getting insta banned. 

4.  Do not, under any circumstances write "first".  If you have ever done this, at any point in your life, you are lame, it's plain and simple.  I love all of God's people, but I like the people that do this the least

5.  I appreciate anyone's enthusiasm about their team, however, anyone writing "Rockets/Houston sucks" or "LA/Lakers suck" is a moron and I will call you out for it. 

6.  We allow cussing here.  Don't cuss to just cuss.  Have a reason or at least an emotion behind it.  There is not cussing allowed directly at someone.  If it happens and I don't see it, flag it, or email me.  On the previous note, I cuss, I will continue to do so.  I'm a man (though not 40 yet, sorry Coach Gundy), I can do that as I wish.  This site isn't for everyone and we know that, but we think as long as everyone know's this, it is for almost anyone.

7.  Dave (grungedave) is a Kobe fanboy.  He would never shout rape if Kobe came knocking, not in Denver or Houston or anywhere. (Yes that was in poor taste, no I don't care.  You know why?  Because it was a joke, and a funny one).  I also like Kobe, a good deal.  He's the best player in the NBA.  We also both think that the Lakers are the best team in the league this year (I'm not sure what Tom thinks on this).  So, don't give us crap about hating the Lakers or Kobe, it's stupid and uneducated. You have now been educated and know better. 

8.  The top 5 centers of all time are, in absolute inarguable order: 1.  Wilt 2.  Kareem 3.  Hakeem 4.  Shaq 5.  Bill.  I have absolutely no respect for anyone's basketball knowledge that thinks Shaq was better.  He had more potential but he refused to stay in shape to reach it.  Seriously, Shaq is the most physically gifted player (not name Lebron) of all time and couldn't put down the cheeseburgers.  He's also a trash talking bridge burner that ruined a great thing in LA because 1.  He couldn't stay unfat (for a basketball player) and 2.  Couldn't stand that Kobe was the better player

9.  I truly believe this series is going 7.  That's my prediction.  You probably don't agree, heck, most Rockets fans don't agree.  I don't know who wins game 7, probably the Lakers.  I do know that if you are expecting a series sweep like happened in the season, you are going to be in for a rude awakening.  Ron Artest said it best the Rockets are not satisfied with just getting out of the first round. 

10.  Let's have some fun.  Talk trash, get upset, enjoy yourself but most of all, being a fan of your team isn't wrong.  (Being a bandwaggon jumping troll is though).  Let's Go Rockets!

There are a lot of great Lakers sites out there.  SBNation has one such site in Silver Screen and Roll, go check it out Rockets fans