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Rockets vs. Lakers - The Trolling Spot

Alright everyone, this idea was suggested by timbo in another thread.  I'm opening this up to trolling.  You can say whatever you want here.  Warning to readers :

There will be cussing - don't keep reading if you're not up for it
There will be personal attacks

The only thing I can think of that will get you banned is racial or biggoted remarks.  We have no need for this, don't be the idiot that does it.  (I reserve the right to change this, but I will post something/delete the comment if something slaps me in the face and simply warn that person) 

And in 6 months or so, maybe in time for the beginning of next season we are going to have some shirts made up.  The best post from someone that has a real email address in their profile is getting a shirt.  This is strictly going on my opinion, it could be a Lakers or a Rockets fan that wins.