Game 5 odds?

For Rockets to win, they need to cobble together a line-up to plug the hole in the middle, get some fouls against the Lakers with some inside game,  play the defense that they are capable of, and keep the ball movement to keep the Lakers off balance.  All tough things to do.  So, what are the odds for the following:


(1) For Dorsey sighting? Mbenga sighting?

(2) Fisher getting benched ( or play < 15 minutes)

(3) Artest posting up more frequently, and/or taking it inside to open up the floor for outside shooters?

(4) Pau hurling to the floor more than once?

(5) Scola or Landry having a break-out game?

(6) Rockets winning game 5? (I had to put this one in)





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