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Repressing memories while looking ahead to Game 6

So, uh, yeah.  Ummmm... let's just say Game 5 sucked.  Can we all agree to treat it like the entire 1999 NBA Season, or Clerks II, or Stone Temple Pilots "Shangri-La Dee Da", or the fact that Scottie Pippen was (allegedly) once a member of the Houston Rockets? 

That is to say... can we agree that none of these things ever really happened???

[dramatic pause]

....... good.  Because I got nothin' else to add about Game 5.  Instead, why don't we just look at this awesome video clip of Clyde Drexler from 1995:

Anything to get the sour taste out of my mouth left by Game 5.

As for Game 6?  It's easy.  I've been saying it all throughout the playoffs.  There are three keys to winning a playoff game:

1.  Defensive Rebounding

2.  Aggressively taking the ball to the basket on offense

3.  Making free throws

That's it.  You do all three and you are nearly guaranteed a victory.  All I ask is that the Rockets do 2-out-of-3 tomorrow night.  Win Game 6 at home and the pressure is all on the Lakers in Game 7.  And, other than Kobe Bryant, it's not like the Lakers are filled with mentally strong individuals.  The pressure of a Game 7 this early might be the undoing of a 65 win team.

So, yeah, that's my pep talk.