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The Houston Rockets: Keys to winning Game 6

I'll keep it simple.  There is one and only one key.



For the very same reasons that you do not feed the animals (or the trolls)... or take the blue pill... or accept checks from Al Bundy...


You simply do NOT want to taunt Kobe.  That includes the fans.  Do not chant "Kobe sucks."  Don't do it.  No good can come from it.  Much like the Hulk, you would not like Kobe Bryant when he's truly angry.

I want a calm, passive, disinterested Kobe in tonight's Game 6.  He's still going to get his points, but I don't want him dropping 50+ on us because he feels insulted or somehow slighted.  Shane Battier already has enough trouble keeping Kobe under 30.  Please do not make it any more difficult on the Rockets.

(Oh, and for you Nuggets fans that were chanting "Beat L.A.!" at the end of last night's game... I hope you just jinxed yourselves.)