Great season by our Rockets!

Well it's over with, but I'm not sad at all. Sure we could have played a lot better today and made Game 7 more competative but the fact of the matter is the better team finally showed up, made a statement and won the series. With that said, I can't WAIT to watch Denver mop the court with Sasha Vujacic's hair (amongst other things lol) but in all seriousness congrats to the Lakers, best of luck against the Nuggets because hey, you're going to need it :-)

Watch out for the 2009-2010 Houston Rockets. Brooks, Lowry, and Scola now have bigtime playoff experience and I guarantee that next year we're going to come back even stronger. I'm sure that Daryl Morey will make some great moves in the offseason to ensure our success next year. Guys, Girls, it's been real and it's been an awesome season!

Hats off to our Houston Rockets for inspiring us all to do great things!


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