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In news that should shock no one: Ron Artest wants to stay a Houston Rocket

Crazy Pills is officially a free agent now.  The good news is that RonRon has no intentions of signing elsewhere... and he's said so himself.

"I just know this team was so good, I think we'll grow together," Artest said

Now, with only Detroit, Memphis and maybe a couple other teams having any real salary cap space, the Rockets should be able to find common ground in negotiating a salary.  Because I find it highly unlikely that Artest would ever entertain the idea of playing in Detroit (or Memphis).

With the season now over, it's time to build for 2010.  And no, I'm not talking about the summer of LeBron, DWade and Bosh... those guys are not going to be Houston Rockets, so I don't particularly care about their plights.

Crazy Pills, however, should be a Rocket.  He just fits here.  Bring him back, Daryl!

(and Von, too!)