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The yearly writer's block that follows the end of the Rockets' season

I have no good ideas this week.  None.

I accept that 95% of the time, the Rockets' season will end without me participating in any championship parades or consuming massive quantities of alcohol in connection with my favorite team earning another ring.  This season did unfortunately fall in that 95% category.  Damn!  Which leaves me in a bit of a funk for a while... unable to formulate any real ideas or pose any witty topics to discuss.

I mean, I could theoretically talk about how the Rockets and Crazy Pills need to sit down and discuss the market and free agency and how Artest isn't going to get paid as much as he wants and the Rockets can't just sign him for the minimum.   I could also talk about how Von Wafer doesn't deserve anything more than a 1 year (with club option) deal for maybe $1.5M per.  I could also say that i would be highly depressed if October gets here and one of those guys isn't a Rocket anymore.

I just am not ready to accept the finality of the season.  I don't want to think of RonRon as a free agent.  I don't want to think of Von as being the future prodigal son who leaves his real home only to fail somewhere else (inevitable).  I don't want Sleepy the Dwarf to actually wake up and start coaching (bit late there, Ricky). 

I really, really don't want to think about how Yao has another grueling offseason of rehab ahead of him.  Here's hoping someone finds a miracle cure for his foot though.

I don't want to think about Tracy McGrady coming back.  Ever.

The kids from South Park were right.  Summer sucks.  Someone needs to take a secret trip to Mexico to buy illegal super fireworks in the planned celebration for Crazy Pills and the Baron to return to the team next year and have a few firecrackers left over for the Championship Parade for the 2010 Rockets.


But I'm just not ready to talk about any of this right now.