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Rafer > LeBron

Holy hell.  Rafer Alston is one game away from the NBA Finals and a mainstream audience to showcase his wares to.  Rafer freakin' Alston.  4-13 FG Rafer Alston.

Somehow Rafer had the game of his life last night.  Hits 6 timely three-point shots.  Finishes 10-17 from the floor with four assists and two steals.  And if Eddie House was on the court, Rafer would have probably found time to bitch-slap him again.  Instead, Rafer settled for figuratively shoving Mo Williams' guarantee up his ass and is about to give me a heart attack.

LeBron, meanwhile, played the role of the Rafer we all came to know and despise.  Can someone please explain why LeBron James would ever attempt 10 three-pointers in one game (he went 4-10 in this game)?  The dude is 6'9" and 270 lbs... and he's settling for jump shots?!?  That should never happen.  Yes, I know LeBron still shot 18 free throws, but he should have taken the Dwyane Wade in '05 playbook and shot something like 30 free throws in this game.

Alas, once again, LeBron bails out the Orlando defense and is taken away from his game.  8 turnovers... not a lot of easy assists... and very little ball movement.  What does that get you?  A big, fat "L".  Three times LeBron has topped 40 points in this series.  All three times his team has lost.

Rafer > LeBron!?!?  Say it isn't so!